Hi, I am Ian. I am a founder, author and adventure capitalist.

About me

I'm Ian Schechter, an entrepreneur with a rich tapestry of experience spanning nearly a decade in the e-commerce sector. Over the years, I have founded four different e-commerce businesses, two of which I've successfully sold, allowing me to explore new ventures and opportunities across the globe.


I am also the author of "Breathe, Focus, Attack: A Triple Threat System for Creating the Life You Want", a guide that distills the insights gained from my experiences into actionable strategies for personal and professional growth.


My entrepreneurial journey is fueled by a passion for adventure and a commitment to cultivating a community of like-minded adventurers through my latest initiative, "The Adventure Capitalists". This unique project combines business networking with adventure travel, bringing together entrepreneurs on exhilarating trips around the world to foster collaboration and ignite creativity.

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